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Lift Chairs Boosting Independence
November 23rd, 2016Blog, Tricks & Tips, videoAdvanced Driving Systems, Inc.

Reclaiming independence from debilitating back, knee, or hip pain can change a patient’s entire perspective on the healing process. One of the most frustrating aspects of rehabilitation is the difficulty of getting into and up from a sitting position. Lift chairs are the solution to that frustration. Not only are they comfortable to relax in, but they provide the boost needed to go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion. Not only do they give the support needed to achieve the resting and then standing position, they make going from and back to a walker or wheelchair a flawless transition every time. 

Reclining lift chairs are not just a medically useful tool, they come in many different styles and designs as well as a variety of fabrics (including leather, cotton, microfiber, suede, and velvet) and colors, so they are sure to fit right into any home interior. They also provide a range of functions like massage, heat, and vibration, but one of the most advantageous features of lift chairs is the benefit of the being able to recline in the Trendelenburg position.

The Trendelenburg position allows the patient to lie completely flat with their feet 15-30 degrees above head level. This relieves pressure from the back with a full and supported stretch, which can also improve circulation, increase blood flow to the lower extremities, and put a halt to neck and shoulder pain.


The most important attribute of a lift chair is that it will bring back independence in a safe way. Being able to sit down, get up, and move easily to and from a walker or wheelchair without assistance from a caregiver creates a self-reliant environment and confidence. Advanced Driving Systems has a wide variety to fit any hankering. Come see us today or check out our available options of lift chairs online.

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