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Let your Vehicle Introduce You
October 25th, 2016Blog, Tricks & TipsAdvanced Driving Systems, Inc.

A vehicle says a lot about its owner, and the color of your van can say a lot about your personality. From warm and competent to confident and fun, personality traits have been linked to color preference by some psychology researchers. Today we’ll unpack what some of those color preferences may mean, and how you can choose your next vehicle with every facet of your personality in mind.


People who prefer the color white may do so because it is associated purity, cleanliness, and simplicity, according to a study written by Naz Kaya and Helen H. Epps at the University of Georgia. White is a popular color in Asian countries, where it is associated with purity, beauty, and harmony, as reported by a 1996 study in the journal Color Research and Application. Psychology Today contends that people who like the color white are logical and orderly.


People who prefer black are “artistic and sensitive,” according to that Psychology Today article. They may play their cards a bit close to the chest, but they aren’t necessarily introverts. A 1996 study in The Journal of Genetic Psychology found that more men than women had positive reactions to the color black. Kaya and Epps found that black is associated with wealth and power.


Gray is the color of neutrality, according to Leatrice Eiseman in her book The Color Answer Book: The World’s Leading Color Expert. People who like gray are probably right at home in an orderly environment. Being dependable and going with the flow are two likely personality traits of people who like the color gray, says Eiseman.


A 2015 study published in the International Journal of Indian Psychology found that people drawn to gold and gold-tones tend to be loyal, dependable, punctual, faithful, helpful, and caring, among other traits. And who wouldn’t want to be cruising around town in a vehicle that denotes victory?


Blue was cited as the favorite color of just over half of both men and women, according to that 1996 Journal of Genetic Psychology study. Respondents in the study associated blue with the sky or the ocean and, by extension, calmness and serenity. Psychology Today determined that people who like the color blue tend to be reliable, sensitive, and value stability. That same study in the Journal of Genetic Psychology pointed out that there seemed not to be a large difference in preference for blue among men and women, surprising, since blue is generally considered a “masculine” color. Rather, all genders expressed positive feelings for the color.


We have mixed feelings when it comes to the color red – does it mean aggressive, fast, and angry, or exciting and happy? Well, maybe both. According to Psychology Today, people who prefer red “live life to the fullest.” The 2015 study in the International Journal of Indian Psychology noted that, traditionally, red has often been associated with impulsiveness and excitement, but the study in The Journal of Genetic Psychology found that respondents associated red with warmth and positivity.


People who like brown crave stability and aren’t into anything flashy, according to Psychology Today. Men responded more positively to brown and other dark colors, such as black and blue, than did women, as claimed by the study in the Journal of Genetic Psychology.


Do you like beige? That probably means you’re steadfast and the right person to have around amidst a crisis. You will keep your head and keep the situation stable, as stated by Eiseman in her book The Color Answer Book: The World’s Leading Color Expert.


Green was a popular color for respondents in the study published in the Journal of Genetic Psychology, who associated the color with the environment and being out in nature. People who like green tend to not mince words with others, but also care about their friends, in the opinion of Psychology Today.

A lot of factors go into choosing the right vehicle, and for many people, one of them is making sure it’s the right color. Remembering how color reflects personality may help you make your next vehicle choice. To check out our current inventory  click here!

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